Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Starting Line....

Tonight is the night before John, my very brave and courageous husband, will endure a long and laboured surgery to remove a golf ball size tumor from his sinus cavities.  For those of you who have not yet heard the details of how this all came about, let me back track for a moment...

In June of this year John began to notice the occasional bloody discharge from his nose.  Pretty typical for someone with nasal issues, especially during allergy season, however, through the course of the next few months the bleeding became more frequent and eventually constant. Obviously this sounded off a few alarm bells but not the kind that seemed serious.  After a great trip to Las Vegas to watch the boys compete in a basketball tournament and a few days away in the heat of the Osoyoos sun,  John went to a walk in Clinic to get his nose checked.  At this point the bleeding from his nose was like a constant dripping faucet. The Doctor took a quick peek at John's nose, asked him a few questions and cauterized the vein he felt was the culprit.  Two days later his nose was now bleeding more than it ever was before so he went back to the clinic where the same Doctor realized it was more serious than he had initially anticipated.  From here the wheels were placed in motion and after a series of blood tests, CT scans and a biopsy, it was determined that John has cancer.  As for the specific type... well we have come to learn that it is Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma, or SNUC for short.  This is a rare cancer and presents to be highly aggressive and invasive.  There is also not a lot of data about this cancer due to it's rarity. That said, the Doctors are confident that once John undergoes this surgery to remove the tumor and then is subjected to Radiation and Chemotherapy, his chances of crossing that finish line is that much greater!!

.... Thursday, September 17, 2015 marks the first step in the Marathon of John's life!  Like previous races John has run, he will be challenged every step of the way, but like all the races he has run, he will have everyone who loves him cheering him on!  

Thank you to everyone who has been by our side from the moment John and I found out this awful news.  Your visits, text messages, emails, phone calls, prayers, and kind gestures of food, rides, books, and more importantly, unconditional love have made these past few weeks bearable for all of us!  Know that when John is wheeled into that O.R. tomorrow morning the strength that he has gathered from all of you, his friends and family, will give him the extra oomph he needs!  Let the Race begin....

xoxo Trixie


  1. We'll be there every single step of the way and there at the finish line to celebrate!! Love you guys so much!!!

  2. We'll definitely be praying for John. He'll cross that finish line and beat this!

  3. TeamJubilo will pray for your successful operation and speedy and full recovery. Slay the SNUC braddah!!!

  4. Corey and I will be praying and sending positive thoughts to John, you and the kids today.

  5. John, the Hurley's are thinking of you and your family. We can't wait to see you post-surgery and celebrate another of your accomplishments. You're a star and you will overcome this challenge! Thoughts and prayers, Leanne, Justin, and Griffin.

  6. Go John Go! We're in your corner xx