Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keeping Pace....

Probably one of the most important aspects to John’s Marathon training is finding that sweet spot where he can sustain his energy level throughout the race. This way, at the end when the finish is in sight, he can step on that gas pedal and give it all he has left in the tank.  During his runs he meticulously keeps track of every minute and every second from one mile to the next and disciplines himself to stay on track.  On race day John wears a wristband that shows him what the time splits should look at each mile marker so that he doesn’t get too far ahead of himself, or fall too far behind.

We are at day 5 post surgery and John is right on Pace!  Today the Doctors have decided that he is well enough to leave the confines of the hospital walls and continue healing in the comforts of home! His surgery went very well and the surgeons are extremely pleased with how everything went.  In a 12 hour surgery there is a lot to get through and there is always the uncertainty of the unknown.  John was fortunate to have an excellent team of Doctors who were prepared, motivated, and highly skilled. They went in fully understanding the importance of getting every last speck of cancerous cells in order to give John a decent shot at beating this "thing" we have come to know as SNUC.  These Doctors have helped John set the pace for what is next in the many miles ahead.  The race has just begun and we know they will be here to make sure that at each mile marker John’s splits are looking good and his pace is on track to where it is suppose to be.

There is a lot yet to accomplish before the inevitable treatments of radiation and chemotherapy begin: Dr.’s appointments, a PET scan, meetings with the cancer clinic’s dietician, dentist, counsellor, oncologists and so forth…but for now, John can find contentment in the rhythm one finds in the early stages of a race... and for this one; sleeping in his own bed, eating “real food”, gaining his strength back, and being continuously showered with love and support from his 3 boys, countless friends and caring family might just be that perfect rhythm he is looking for!  The course he is on is still unknown so he will have to tread lightly, however, there is definitely an optimism and the anticipation that all will be as it should…and really, why the heck shouldn’t it!

                                               Post Surgery:   Day 2 - Recovering well

Day 3 - Walking about!                                                         Day 5 - Going Home!

                                               Day 5 - What Matters!


  1. Hey John and family, we are 100% behind you all the way! Love Deborah, Kurtis and Eugenie

  2. We could not be more pleased with the outcome of your surgery. As you pace yourself in your "marathon of your life" just know that at every milestone, EVERYONE that knows & loves you is cheering for you!!! We love you, John and believe in your ability to win the race! Renette, Graham, Alysa, Kate & Riley

  3. John, we are so happy to hear that your surgery went well and that you are recovering nicely. Great picture of you with your boys too! All our best wishes to you on your race, we're definitely cheering you on from Seattle. Susie & Alex (Algard)